THE CHOPRA CENTER 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE (Creating Abundance- my experiences, part 3)

Monday was to mark the official completion of the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance, but then Deepak threw in a cheeky extra bonus session (thank you!), so that brought me up to 22 days of meditation and reflection using this wonderful, free forum. I am a little sad that it has come to an end and I […]

HOW I SURVIVED THANKSGIVING FOR DUMMIES (+ free printable Thanksgiving buffet labels for you)

Recently, I’ve felt inspired to jump onto Illustrator again (seeing as it’s my favourite program ever 😉 ) and what better excuse than having guests over for my Thanksgiving for Dummies/crafting afternoon. As the things I chose to make for this little event are hardly traditional in this part of the world, I thought it might […]

PROJECT PINTEREST (2 editions in 1!)

It’s that time of year… and it’s all happening! Actually, it has been since Halloween! Of course, I have created more work for myself by starting a crafting circle (which meets in my home), celebrating Thanksgiving (sort of) which I have never done before and is not traditional in this part of the world and agreeing […]


As anyone who has been reading my most recent blog posts knows, I don’t know an awful lot about Thanksgiving (having never celebrated it before), however when I think about this holiday I think about pumpkins! That, and my strange, unfounded fear of making pumpkin pie, is the reason that I searched out this recipe. […]


I was inspired to make this recipe after seeing it right here on WordPress, but Project Pinterest has, as I have explained earlier, come to encompass all things of a must-do nature ;). Wanting to minimise stress and last-minute cooking for my Thanksgiving for Dummies afternoon, when I found this recipe not only was I delighted by the sound […]


I blame my friend and her gorgeous newborn baby girl for these! I was invited over for morning tea to meet the baby and I just had to bring something. Due to certain food allergies my friend has, I opted to feature chocolate in these cookies instead of raisins and almonds. The results were unsurprisingly delicious… […]

“HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” & PUMPKIN BANANA BREAD (with homemade pumpkin spice mix)

For well over a year I have had one can of pumpkin purée in my pantry; one sad, lonely can, grabbed on a whim from the “American shelf” at the supermarket. I really don’t know what I intended to do with it when I bought it, but I am assuming pie factored into the equation. In […]


After seeing much mention of honey butter around WordPress recently in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I became intrigued. It sounded amazing and though I’d never tried it, let alone made it, I thought it might be worth giving a bash. Search for “honey butter” pins on Pinterest and you’re bound to come across this […]

3 AWARD NOMINATIONS & 200 FOLLOWS TODAY (AKA very grateful… and surprised!)

There must be something in the air/water right now. Whatever it is, however, it is nice! It is interesting that I have been doing the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Creating Abundance, and now it seems like the floodgates of abundance are indeed opening… in many areas of my life. Take my life on WordPress right […]

A VIRTUAL DINNER PARTY (AKA just for the fun of it!)

KZ from the Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic always writes interesting blog posts. Her Challenge: Virtual Dinner Party post grabbed my attention, as I thought it sounded like a fun and creative task to undertake. I told her so and KZ subsequently (and kindly) asked me to take part. It was so much fun to plan the menu… and to […]