CARAMELISED FIG SKILLET PIZZA-STYLE PANCAKES + farewell to this blog + a journey from an anonymous food blog to cookbook, part 1

It is with a very sentimental and somewhat heavy heart that I announce the impending closure of this particular blog chapter. Unless you’ve shared the good, bad and everything in between via a blog before, you probably cannot understand the attachment I have to a place that has given me the ability to connect, express […]

I QUIT SUGAR TOO (an experiment in going fructose-free and eating whole)

While traveling in Australia recently, I received a message from a friend in Stockholm. The gist of it was that she’d done Sarah Wilson‘s I Quit Sugar program (otherwise known as IQS), that she was working full-time, heavily pregnant with baby #3, had babies #1 and #2 to take care of and yet had more energy than […]

EASY PEANUT SATAY SAUCE (faster than ordering take-away!)

I have always wanted to make my own satay sauce and this one was so delicious, so easy and inexpensive to make, that I doubt I will ever order a satay dish from my local Thai restaurant again! This creamy satay sauce works well with any stir fried protein/vegetable combination (or grilled skewers) and is […]


Firstly, I should mention that I did not embark upon this adventure solo. My husband was happy to join in. We were fortunate enough to have my parents staying with us during this time and they too agreed to support me in eating vegan for a week. Although my parents seemed keen to aid me, […]


HUMMUS Prep Time: 5 Min INGREDIENTS: 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 can chickpeas, with some liquid reserved Juice of 1/2 a lemon 2 tbsp tahini 1/4 – 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cumin Black pepper to taste 2 tbsp olive oil plus extra DIRECTIONS: Combine garlic and chickpeas (with a little reserved liquid) in a blender. Add lemon juice, […]


There are plenty of organic ready-made pasta sauces available these days, but nothing beats the taste and satisfaction of a pasta sauce made on your own stove top. This is a highly adaptable basic sauce, yummy the way it is and easily customiseable with the addition of other simple ingredients. TOMATO AND BASIL PASTA SAUCE […]


CREAMY OAT AND QUINOA PORRIDGE INGREDIENTS: 1 dl organic oats and quinoa 2.5 dl water A tiny pinch of salt 3-5 tbsp dried fruit 1 tbsp of raw agave syrup 1 tbsp soy lecithin granules (optional) 1 tbsp organic linseeds 1-2 dl organic rice or soya milk DIRECTIONS: In a small saucepan, on a medium […]


My menu for today: BREAKFAST Creamy oat and quinoa porridge Made with organic oats and quinoa, organic dried apple, raw agave syrup and organic soya milk. LUNCH Leftover organic spaghetti with homemade organic tomato and basil sauce. SNACK Nak’d chocolate orange bar. DINNER Falafel with green salad, flat bread and homemade hummus. DESSERT 2 scoops of TofuLine chocolate ice-cream […]


My menu for today: BREAKFAST Creamy oat and quinoa porridge Made with organic oats and quinoa mix, organic dried apple and organic soya milk. LUNCH Organic falafel snacks (takeaway). SNACK Fresh cherries. DINNER Organic spaghetti with homemade organic tomato and basil sauce. Large green salad. DESSERT Pear and cardamom cake (a new one!) served with soy vanilla custard.

PEAR AND CARDAMOM CAKE (it’s vegan, gluten-free & refined sugar-free)

On a not uncommonly wintery Swedish “summer’s” day, I thought I’d give some vegan baking a go. I have never baked with buckwheat flour or raw agave syrup before, but thought that whilst I am “veganising” my meals, I might as well “healthify” them too. As these ingredients (in the quantities I needed) are fairly inexpensive and the […]